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Why reusable food containers?

Single-use food storage containers account for a remarkable amount of trash every year. Banning certain types of single-use containers, recycling and using recycled content are critically important but are not solving the foundational reason we have waste and the depletion of the finite resources.

Reuse, on the other hand, preserves the embodied energy originally used in manufacturing an item, it saves environmental pollution by not creating any waste, it reduces the need for raw materials and saves cost as same material is used again.

Although creating a reusable container in the first place requires more energy and resources than one that’s single-use, over time it has a lower environmental and economic cost, as it doesn’t need to be remanufactured on every use.

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Bamboox picnic box

Tired to see all that throwaway after lunch?

Find our participating takeaway and get your lunch in our reusable box! After eating just drop off in any listing point. Don’t worry, the box will be washed and will be ready to be reused again!

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5.2 Billions

Number of food containers per year used in UK

450 years

last a plastic box to decompose


a box ends in the ocean

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